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Things to do in Chile

Things to Do in Chile

Learn about the nightlife, culture, bars, restaurants, shows, concerts, museums, exhibits, parks, travel sports, activities and so much more in Santiago and throughout Chile…


A bustling cosmopolitan city, Santiago is home to over five million people. The modern subway system makes it easy to get to restaurants of every ethnic background, discos, clubs, museums, universities, bus stations, office buildings and more.

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Back in Santiago

-The Plaza de Armas is home to famous monuments and the Governor’s palace.

-La Chascona: One of Pablo Neruda’s homes in Bellavista

-San Cristobal Hill: Take the gondola for a view of the city and the Andes

-Museum of Pre-Columbian Art

-Central Market: Street music, seafood

-Concha y Toro Winery: Take a tour through the famous cellars and vineyards

San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro is located in the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert. The land encompasses cultures from the Incas, Atacamenos, and Diaquitas. The extremity of the landscape includes wide salt flats, colonies of flamingos, dramatic volcanoes, and tiny unspoiled villages.

Known as the archeological capital of Chile, San Pedro is a small village in the heart of the Atacama culture. San Pedro offers excursions such a horseback riding, sand boarding, and mountain biking. Restaurants and lodging are authentic. Hikers, backpackers, and tourists from Europe frequent San Pedro for its beauty.

Religious Festival at La Tirana

The tiny quiet town of La Tirana brings thousands of people each July to celebrate La Virgen del Carmen. The extravagant festival overwhelms the town with grandiose music and dancing. Located in the middle of the Tamarugal pampa, the festival attracts Catholic pilgrims from all over the world in addition to trekkers, photographers, and cultural journalists.


“The Jewel of the Pacific” is one of Chile’s most vibrant seaports. The unique architecture, ethnic music, and breathtaking vistas make it seem like Valparaiso is still in its Golden age

-La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda’s home -Paseo Gervasoni: Vintage Chilean buildings on a winding inclined street

-Fine Arts Museum

-Wulff Castle: National Monument located in a neighboring city, Vina del Mar

-Renaca: Chile’s biggest and most popular beach in the summer

-Jardin Botanico Nacional

Isla Grande de Chiloe

South America’s second largest island charms all those who venture to see its beauty. Chiloe is famous for its Folklore and Gastronomy.

-Sea Kayaking: The tame waters are protected by the Castro Fjord and Chauques islands. Most of the inhabitants live without motors or electricity, so you’re sea voyaging will be as magical as the crystal blue waters.

-Boat trips: Cruse along the northern and eastern coasts to visit Spanish forts and fishing villages.

-Chiloe National Park: Bird watch and see foxes and pygmy deer in their natural habitat among exotic flower species.

-Church of Castro: Neo-gothic/Classic architecture

-Church of Dalcahue: 9 arch entry

Puerto Natales

Located deep in the south, Puerto Natales is in Patagonia. Come here for the huge granite mountains, clear lakes, and hiking trails.

San Pedro is located in the driest place on earth, the Atacama desert. The land encompasses cultures from the Incas, Atacamenos, and Diaquitas.


Surrounded by rivers and forests, Valdivia is said to be Chile’s most beautiful city. It is culturally enriched with influences from the Spanish conquerors, German settlers, and indigenous peoples. The University brings a lively atmosphere to your visit.

-Haggle with vendors at the Feria Libre market

-Boat down the Calle Calle River