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Ski and Snowboard

Ski and Snowboard
Hop down to the Andes and carve into chest deep powder – the temptation of summer snow hard to resist. With vacant, waist deep fresh, and acres of powder above the tree line, Chile is the South American destination for skiing and snowboarding

Where to Ski and Snowboard in Chile

Chile is grouped into three regions for skiing/boarding: the High Cordillera (or central zone), the Southern Volcanoes, and the Lake District of Patagonia.

The central zone is arguably the best skiing and riding in Chile and also encompasses the finest resorts. It consists of three valleys (and resorts): Valle Nevado, El Colorado, and La Parva. The highest mountain outside the Himalayas is the 22,800 ft. Mt. Aconcagua, and is home to the renowned Portillo Ski Resort.

While the must-ski resort of Southern Chile is is Termas de Chillan, The Lake District is home to Pucon-Villarrica, Corralco, and Lacano Lonquimav, which are smaller and newer ski resorts known for their exceptional, undiscovered powder. Also check out Antillanca Ski Resort.

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Why Ski in Chile?

Trends are showing that where snow-lovers once headed West, they’re now going South–away from the mobs of people swarming the over-priced ski resorts back home.

And for Chile’s May through September snow season, there are few better places to go. So why sweat out the summer months only to only dream of the upcoming season? Come to Chile and ski!

Chile Ski Season 2006

Torrential storms in early June mean it’s likely for Chile to come through with a killer 2006 ski and snowboard season. Although off to a late start, mountain resorts outside of Santiago just got a 30 cm dose of fresh, and are expecting to reach 60cm-the starting level-by mid June, 2006.

Skill levels at Chile Ski Resorts

Chile’s diverse mountain geography offers a huge variety of altitudes and terrains. Whether you’re a premier championship competitor-or a family just learning how to ski, the Chile is an ideal destination.

Each mountain in Chile provides levels typically consisting of about 15% beginner, 40% intermediate, 35% advanced and 10% expert.

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History of Skiing in Chile
Skiing was introduced to Chile in 1910 with the construction of the Trans-Andean railway. Built by Norwegian and British engineers, the railway ran from Valparaíso – the port city near Santiago, Chile – to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Read More…

History of Snowboarding in Chile
Snowboarding in Chile boomed in the late 1980’s, when counter-culture hipsters found heaven on earth in the Andes-west side. It didn’t take long for the word to spread. Soon any boarder who was sick of the commercialized mountains and was crazy enough to venture to Chile, found out what all the fuss was about. Most didn’t come home. Read More…

Ski Hotels in Chile

Chilean ski resorts boast a number of cozy and inviting cabins, hotels, and resort accommodations. Booking ahead for cheap and discount ski hotels is always a good idea. Read More…