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Hot Springs in Norte Grande, Chile

For the driest desert in the world, the Atacama offers a surprisingly diverse terrain. Breathtaking desert landscapes with fertile valleys, sparkling salt flats, gushing geysers, and clear blue lakes with flocks of wild flamingos.
In tiny oases towns hot springs bubble up from deep in the earth creating mineral pools. These natural hot springs offer some of the best thermal baths in Chile a unique desert setting.

Thermal baths in the north are the more rustic variety – there are no big developed spas in the Atacama Desert. Here’s our pick of the two best thermal baths in Chile’s Norte Grande:

An oasis town perched above a fertile valley, Mamiña has some of the hottest thermal baths in Chile. Mineral rich spring waters fluctuate between 113° – 134° F (45° – 57° C). Facilities are basic thermal pools and mud baths.

Location: Region I, Atacama Desert

How to get there: From Iquique drive east towards Pozo al Norte, Hot Springs are about 46 miles (73km) outside. You can also catch a bus from Iquique the village of Mamina twice daily Monday to Saturday. In addition the Hotel Refugio del Salitre in Mamina can arrange transportation.

Baths of Puritama
These volcanic hot springs are hidden away on the road out of San Pedro de Atacama to the El Tetio Gysers. The sulfuric waters are known for healing properties, and are a comfortable temperature at 91° F (33° C). The Puritama Baths are a perfect place to soak sore muscles after a day of desert exploration.

Location: Region II Atacama Desert

How to get there: Hot springs are 21 miles (34 km) north of San Pedro and must be reached in taxi or in a car that can withstand dirt roads.

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