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Hot Spring Resorts in Central Chile

The fertile Central Valley is a key region for wine and fruit production in Chile and is home to Santiago, the metropolitan center of the country. Lush Valleys surrounding the capital city provide ideal weekend getaways.

Termas de Cauqueness
Hidden away in a cypress forest in the foothills of the majestic Andes are some of the oldest thermal baths in Chile – the Termas de Caquenes were frequented by Charles Darwin and Chilean Head of State Bernardo O’Higgins. Built in the 19th Century, the beautiful facilities retain much of their original architecture, including gothic buildings, traditional Spanish tile floors and 200 year old marble tubs. The spa offers top notch facilities, with natural pools and baths – the water is an average of 108° – 118° F (42° – 48° C). Enjoy a variety of spa treatments, including massage, reflexology, hydro massage and more. For those looking for outdoor activities, the nearby national park, Reserva National Rio de los Cipreses has excellent hiking trails.

Location: Region VI, Rancagua

How to get there: From Rancagua take the Eduardo Frei Montalva road (also called the «La Carretera de Cobre») about 12 miles (20kms) to Coya. From Coya take the road to the Termas de Cauquenes.

Termas Del Flaco
The hot springs of Del Flaco are the some of the hottest in Chile, with temperatures ranging from 163° – 205°F (73°-96°C) – water is cooled to a reasonable temperature for spa treatments. Spa facilities were recently remodeled, and offer a range of services including thermal pools, hot baths, steam rooms and mud baths, as well as massages and reflexology. Guests of the hotel, Hotel Cabaña Las Vegas, are offered a free «Anti-stress and Relaxation Program,» including meditation and yoga programs. Explore nearby 120 million year old Dinosaur fossils and glaciers with excursions leaving from the spa.

Location: Region VI, San Fernando

How to get there: From San Fernando take the road heading southwest towards Del Flaco Hot Spring Resort – about 48 miles (77km).

Termas de Quinamávida
In forest at the foot of the Andes is one of Chile’s most developed spas. The waters at Quinamávida are so pure they are suitable for drinking, and at one time were bottled and exported to Europe. Temperatures are comfortable, ranging from 64° – 80°. Facilities at Quinamávida are top notch, with pretty much every spa service you could think of, and a few you couldn’t. Massages, mud and clay treatments, aromatherapy, thermal vapor therapy, hydro-air-massage, full body exfoliation – the list goes on. There are a variety of bath and pool options, including Turkish and excellent mud baths. Quinamávida is the spa to visit for luxurious treatments in a secluded forest setting.

Location: Region VII, Maule

How to get there: From Linares take the road heading northeast about 10 miles (16 km). From Santiago: the Villa Prat bus company has a direct service to the hot springs. The bus leaves at 8:15am. Reservations can be made at their office (Office 41/42 Terminal de Buses Sur) or by phone (02 376 1758).

Termas de Panimávida
Panimávida is a mid-range traditional Chilean spa -family oriented and well run. Facilities are well developed, offering outdoor thermal baths, an outdoor pool, a medicinal water room, mud and steam baths, and specialty underwater massage. The water is cooler than many of the surrounding springs, at 89°F (32°C) it is perfect for longer soaks. The water is also so pure it is potable.

Location: Region VII, Maule

How to get there: From Linares drive east towards Colbún – 13 miles (20km) to the hot springs.

An easy 25 miles (40km) north of Santiago, the thermal baths at Colina offer the perfect weekend getaway from the busy city. Colina’s state of the art facilities include an outdoor Olympic pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, a gym, a restaurant, and thermal baths. The waters are a comfortable 77°-86° (25°-30°). The baths are located in a military precinct, but are open to the public, as is the area surrounding the baths – which is great for hiking and exploring.

Location: Metropolitan Region

How to get there: Hot springs are only accessible by private vehicle. From Colina drive towards Esmeralda until the hot springs detour, about 2 miles (3km).