Cycling Routes in Santiago de Chile

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Cycling Routes in Santiago de Chile
by Colin Bennett

Santiago is a city of many different extremes, from expansive green parks, to concrete jungles filled with urban noise and madness. One of the best ways to see the diversity of places offered is on a bicycle. It is a safe and interesting way to fully experience some of the city’s best attractions.

Biking in Chile is gaining popularity, mostly as a leisure activity or alternative mode of transportation. The Chilean government launched a campaign last summer to promote the use of bicycles called Bicivilízate, which loosely translates to «Civilize Yourself By Riding a Bicycle.» Or something like that. The Department of Transit is also promoting the use of bicycles as well, citing environmental and health benefits for Chileans.

While the government is interested, and a growing number of Chileans ride bicycles, many obstacles still remain for cyclists. The worst of these is due to the traffic, whether it be bus or private auto. Disrespectful drivers, exhaust, and just the general annoyance of a busy street can make certain areas a headache.

This is not to say that biking in Santiago is unsafe. Many of these same problems exist in cities throughout the world – a car can be dangerous no matter how bike friendly the place is. Proper consideration and a safe attitude can minimize most of these risks. Wear a helmet, ride defensively, and stay alert.

Taking into consideration the dangers, one can choose one of several routes and spend hours getting to know different parts of Santiago. This list is geared towards someone who wants to explore Santiago, and also experience the greener parts of the city as well.

San Cristóbal

This is one of the most popular rides, and for good reason. In general it is a safe ride, requiring a small amount of physical exertion, but can easily be enjoyed by a novice. Cerro San Cristóbal is located in the center of Santiago, and features many paved and unpaved routes. The majority of riders approach either from the Pio Nono entrance in Bellavista, or the Pedro de Valdivia entrance in Providencia. From both spots the roads are easily followed all the way to the statue of the Virgin, which is about a 5 km ride each direction.

For the more adventurous many off road trails of varying difficulty arrive to several parts of this large park.

Parque Mahuida

Located in the community of La Reina, this park is at the end of a very tough uphill climb, but is well worth the effort. The park features access to Santiago’s portion of the Sendero de Chile (Chile Trail) that, when completed, will connect the length of the entire country.

Plaza San Enrique

This plaza is the start for two rides, one to the natural sanctuary of Arrayan, the other one towards the ski resort Farellones. These are more serious rides, especially Farellones which is 30 km away, almost all uphill. This is one of the most popular choices for Chile’s biking fanatics.

The Farellones is a tough ride, and should only be attempted during warmer months – September through April. The natural Sanctuary of Arrayan is an easier, but still impressive alternative. Once also a ski resort and hotel, it now features picnic tables with grills next to a mountain river, beautiful views of the mountains surrounding Santiago and several hiking trails.

Within Santiago…

Their numbers are still low, but Santiago does feature several bike paths in the city. Combine several of them, or take just one, they are the first step towards a better biking environment in the city. Some of the best routes are as follows:


Continues along for several kilometers next to a quite canal. The trail is shaded and easy to access. It continues from Providencia towards the south of the city, with its condition deteriorating the farther south one goes.

Parque Bustamante

Alone is a bit short, but very nice. The path runs along for about four blocks as part of the park. A great choice when used as a connection to San Cristóbal or Parque Forestal.

Santa Maria to Bulnes

This route starts in the northeastern corner of Las Condes and continues along the Mapocho River all the way until Bulnes, passing through many interesting and beautiful places. Barrio Bellavista, Parque Forestal, and the Bellas Artes Museum are all on this route.

There are just a few sections of the growing network of inner city rides. The Chilean Department of Transit publishes a free map listing all of the routes, parking, and a few places for repairs.

Colin Bennett is a writer, cyclist and English teacher living in Santiago de Chile, at the base of the Andes. He studied studio art at the University of Iowa.

Hot Springs in Northern Patagonia

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Termas in Northern Patagonia

One of most important thermal areas in Chile, hot springs are tucked away in the temperate forests of Patagonia. This region offers untouched natural beauty, with glaciers, islands, lakes and inlets, as well as pure hyper thermic springs.

Termas de Puyuhuapi
Picturesque surroundings combined with casual luxury makes the hot spring resort at Puyuhuapi one of the best in Chile, and the most exclusive. One of the southern most hot springs, Puyuhuapi is nestled in a tranquil forest, surrounded by snowcapped mountains and lakes. Located in Dorita Bay, the resort can be difficult to reach on your own, but is worth the trouble for the solitude it offers.

Thermal waters are heated by the nearby Melimeyu Volcano to extremely hot temperatures – an average 185°F (85°C), but waters used in treatments are around 117°F (47°C). Three thermal pools offer a range of temperatures. The spa has a variety of treatments using mud and seaweed. Ideal location for nature lovers, outdoor activities include hiking glaciers, kayaking inlets and rivers, fishing, and more.

Location: Region X Dorita Bay

How to get there: Only accessible by boat from Puerto Puyuhuapi – launches leave for Hot Springs at 10am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm and 7:30pm.

El Amarillo
El Amarillo is on the rugged side, it’s without super developed facilities – and that’s a large part of its charm. Simplistic campsites and cabins in the middle of the forest allow for major relaxation. Two pools are heated by extremely hot spring waters – with temperatures of 125°F (52°C). Spa treatments include purifying mud and steam baths. Surrounding forests and glaciers offer amazing views, as well as a range of outdoor activities.

Location: Region X, Puerto Montt

How to get there: From Puerto Montt, take a bus or drive to Chaiten. From Chaiten take a ferry Gonzalo Cove, hot springs can be easily accessed from cove.

Hot Spring Resorts in Central Chile

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The fertile Central Valley is a key region for wine and fruit production in Chile and is home to Santiago, the metropolitan center of the country. Lush Valleys surrounding the capital city provide ideal weekend getaways.

Termas de Cauqueness
Hidden away in a cypress forest in the foothills of the majestic Andes are some of the oldest thermal baths in Chile – the Termas de Caquenes were frequented by Charles Darwin and Chilean Head of State Bernardo O’Higgins. Built in the 19th Century, the beautiful facilities retain much of their original architecture, including gothic buildings, traditional Spanish tile floors and 200 year old marble tubs. The spa offers top notch facilities, with natural pools and baths – the water is an average of 108° – 118° F (42° – 48° C). Enjoy a variety of spa treatments, including massage, reflexology, hydro massage and more. For those looking for outdoor activities, the nearby national park, Reserva National Rio de los Cipreses has excellent hiking trails.

Location: Region VI, Rancagua

How to get there: From Rancagua take the Eduardo Frei Montalva road (also called the «La Carretera de Cobre») about 12 miles (20kms) to Coya. From Coya take the road to the Termas de Cauquenes.

Termas Del Flaco
The hot springs of Del Flaco are the some of the hottest in Chile, with temperatures ranging from 163° – 205°F (73°-96°C) – water is cooled to a reasonable temperature for spa treatments. Spa facilities were recently remodeled, and offer a range of services including thermal pools, hot baths, steam rooms and mud baths, as well as massages and reflexology. Guests of the hotel, Hotel Cabaña Las Vegas, are offered a free «Anti-stress and Relaxation Program,» including meditation and yoga programs. Explore nearby 120 million year old Dinosaur fossils and glaciers with excursions leaving from the spa.

Location: Region VI, San Fernando

How to get there: From San Fernando take the road heading southwest towards Del Flaco Hot Spring Resort – about 48 miles (77km).

Termas de Quinamávida
In forest at the foot of the Andes is one of Chile’s most developed spas. The waters at Quinamávida are so pure they are suitable for drinking, and at one time were bottled and exported to Europe. Temperatures are comfortable, ranging from 64° – 80°. Facilities at Quinamávida are top notch, with pretty much every spa service you could think of, and a few you couldn’t. Massages, mud and clay treatments, aromatherapy, thermal vapor therapy, hydro-air-massage, full body exfoliation – the list goes on. There are a variety of bath and pool options, including Turkish and excellent mud baths. Quinamávida is the spa to visit for luxurious treatments in a secluded forest setting.

Location: Region VII, Maule

How to get there: From Linares take the road heading northeast about 10 miles (16 km). From Santiago: the Villa Prat bus company has a direct service to the hot springs. The bus leaves at 8:15am. Reservations can be made at their office (Office 41/42 Terminal de Buses Sur) or by phone (02 376 1758).

Termas de Panimávida
Panimávida is a mid-range traditional Chilean spa -family oriented and well run. Facilities are well developed, offering outdoor thermal baths, an outdoor pool, a medicinal water room, mud and steam baths, and specialty underwater massage. The water is cooler than many of the surrounding springs, at 89°F (32°C) it is perfect for longer soaks. The water is also so pure it is potable.

Location: Region VII, Maule

How to get there: From Linares drive east towards Colbún – 13 miles (20km) to the hot springs.

An easy 25 miles (40km) north of Santiago, the thermal baths at Colina offer the perfect weekend getaway from the busy city. Colina’s state of the art facilities include an outdoor Olympic pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, a gym, a restaurant, and thermal baths. The waters are a comfortable 77°-86° (25°-30°). The baths are located in a military precinct, but are open to the public, as is the area surrounding the baths – which is great for hiking and exploring.

Location: Metropolitan Region

How to get there: Hot springs are only accessible by private vehicle. From Colina drive towards Esmeralda until the hot springs detour, about 2 miles (3km).

Hot Springs in Norte Grande, Chile

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For the driest desert in the world, the Atacama offers a surprisingly diverse terrain. Breathtaking desert landscapes with fertile valleys, sparkling salt flats, gushing geysers, and clear blue lakes with flocks of wild flamingos.
In tiny oases towns hot springs bubble up from deep in the earth creating mineral pools. These natural hot springs offer some of the best thermal baths in Chile a unique desert setting.

Thermal baths in the north are the more rustic variety – there are no big developed spas in the Atacama Desert. Here’s our pick of the two best thermal baths in Chile’s Norte Grande:

An oasis town perched above a fertile valley, Mamiña has some of the hottest thermal baths in Chile. Mineral rich spring waters fluctuate between 113° – 134° F (45° – 57° C). Facilities are basic thermal pools and mud baths.

Location: Region I, Atacama Desert

How to get there: From Iquique drive east towards Pozo al Norte, Hot Springs are about 46 miles (73km) outside. You can also catch a bus from Iquique the village of Mamina twice daily Monday to Saturday. In addition the Hotel Refugio del Salitre in Mamina can arrange transportation.

Baths of Puritama
These volcanic hot springs are hidden away on the road out of San Pedro de Atacama to the El Tetio Gysers. The sulfuric waters are known for healing properties, and are a comfortable temperature at 91° F (33° C). The Puritama Baths are a perfect place to soak sore muscles after a day of desert exploration.

Location: Region II Atacama Desert

How to get there: Hot springs are 21 miles (34 km) north of San Pedro and must be reached in taxi or in a car that can withstand dirt roads.

Discover More Hot Springs Locations Here

Ski and Snowboard

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Ski and Snowboard
Hop down to the Andes and carve into chest deep powder – the temptation of summer snow hard to resist. With vacant, waist deep fresh, and acres of powder above the tree line, Chile is the South American destination for skiing and snowboarding

Where to Ski and Snowboard in Chile

Chile is grouped into three regions for skiing/boarding: the High Cordillera (or central zone), the Southern Volcanoes, and the Lake District of Patagonia.

The central zone is arguably the best skiing and riding in Chile and also encompasses the finest resorts. It consists of three valleys (and resorts): Valle Nevado, El Colorado, and La Parva. The highest mountain outside the Himalayas is the 22,800 ft. Mt. Aconcagua, and is home to the renowned Portillo Ski Resort.

While the must-ski resort of Southern Chile is is Termas de Chillan, The Lake District is home to Pucon-Villarrica, Corralco, and Lacano Lonquimav, which are smaller and newer ski resorts known for their exceptional, undiscovered powder. Also check out Antillanca Ski Resort.

Find More Chilean Ski Resorts Here
Why Ski in Chile?

Trends are showing that where snow-lovers once headed West, they’re now going South–away from the mobs of people swarming the over-priced ski resorts back home.

And for Chile’s May through September snow season, there are few better places to go. So why sweat out the summer months only to only dream of the upcoming season? Come to Chile and ski!

Chile Ski Season 2006

Torrential storms in early June mean it’s likely for Chile to come through with a killer 2006 ski and snowboard season. Although off to a late start, mountain resorts outside of Santiago just got a 30 cm dose of fresh, and are expecting to reach 60cm-the starting level-by mid June, 2006.

Skill levels at Chile Ski Resorts

Chile’s diverse mountain geography offers a huge variety of altitudes and terrains. Whether you’re a premier championship competitor-or a family just learning how to ski, the Chile is an ideal destination.

Each mountain in Chile provides levels typically consisting of about 15% beginner, 40% intermediate, 35% advanced and 10% expert.

Webs: Elige entre las marcas de autos mas populares para comprar el tuyo.

History of Skiing in Chile
Skiing was introduced to Chile in 1910 with the construction of the Trans-Andean railway. Built by Norwegian and British engineers, the railway ran from Valparaíso – the port city near Santiago, Chile – to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Read More…

History of Snowboarding in Chile
Snowboarding in Chile boomed in the late 1980’s, when counter-culture hipsters found heaven on earth in the Andes-west side. It didn’t take long for the word to spread. Soon any boarder who was sick of the commercialized mountains and was crazy enough to venture to Chile, found out what all the fuss was about. Most didn’t come home. Read More…

Ski Hotels in Chile

Chilean ski resorts boast a number of cozy and inviting cabins, hotels, and resort accommodations. Booking ahead for cheap and discount ski hotels is always a good idea. Read More…

Things to do in Chile

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Things to Do in Chile

Learn about the nightlife, culture, bars, restaurants, shows, concerts, museums, exhibits, parks, travel sports, activities and so much more in Santiago and throughout Chile…


A bustling cosmopolitan city, Santiago is home to over five million people. The modern subway system makes it easy to get to restaurants of every ethnic background, discos, clubs, museums, universities, bus stations, office buildings and more.

Walking Guide to Santiago Museums Art Galleries and Cafés
Patrick Heiger leads you on The Green Mile walking tour of art spaces in Santiago.

La Chasconda Neruda House
Laura Gillis takes a tour of the house Pablo Neruda lived in and learns the Spanish word for «Bad Hair Day» Read the Review…
Coffee with Legs
Connor writes about the problem of machismo in Chile. He also scores an interview with a really hot latin chick.

Watch a Soccer Game in Santiago
Writer Chris MacLean tells about the exciting experience of watching a soccer game in Santiago, Chile. Read The Article…

Go to the Zoo – It’s Fun!
Nature Expert Alex Ogle tours the City Zoo in Santiago, Chile and finds absolutely nothing wrong with it except for the animals. Read the Review…

Movie Theaters in Santiago – Reclining Cinema Seats! No Way!
Film Critic Alex Ogle decides that the reclining seats at a Santiago movie theater make up for everything. I mean everything. Read More…

Nightlife in Santiago
Read reviews of bars clubs and Santiago nightlife written by expats and students currently living in Santiago, Chile.

Across the Border

Escape to Mendoza, Argentina
Travel Writer Alex Ogle hops across the Chile-Argentina border to discover a delightful weekend getaway. Fine wine, outlet stores and a fresh layer of powder make this destination city a veritable Winter Wonderland. Read the Mendoza Travel Review Here…

Back in Santiago

-The Plaza de Armas is home to famous monuments and the Governor’s palace.

-La Chascona: One of Pablo Neruda’s homes in Bellavista

-San Cristobal Hill: Take the gondola for a view of the city and the Andes

-Museum of Pre-Columbian Art

-Central Market: Street music, seafood

-Concha y Toro Winery: Take a tour through the famous cellars and vineyards

San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro is located in the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert. The land encompasses cultures from the Incas, Atacamenos, and Diaquitas. The extremity of the landscape includes wide salt flats, colonies of flamingos, dramatic volcanoes, and tiny unspoiled villages.

Known as the archeological capital of Chile, San Pedro is a small village in the heart of the Atacama culture. San Pedro offers excursions such a horseback riding, sand boarding, and mountain biking. Restaurants and lodging are authentic. Hikers, backpackers, and tourists from Europe frequent San Pedro for its beauty.

Religious Festival at La Tirana

The tiny quiet town of La Tirana brings thousands of people each July to celebrate La Virgen del Carmen. The extravagant festival overwhelms the town with grandiose music and dancing. Located in the middle of the Tamarugal pampa, the festival attracts Catholic pilgrims from all over the world in addition to trekkers, photographers, and cultural journalists.


“The Jewel of the Pacific” is one of Chile’s most vibrant seaports. The unique architecture, ethnic music, and breathtaking vistas make it seem like Valparaiso is still in its Golden age

-La Sebastiana: Pablo Neruda’s home -Paseo Gervasoni: Vintage Chilean buildings on a winding inclined street

-Fine Arts Museum

-Wulff Castle: National Monument located in a neighboring city, Vina del Mar

-Renaca: Chile’s biggest and most popular beach in the summer

-Jardin Botanico Nacional

Isla Grande de Chiloe

South America’s second largest island charms all those who venture to see its beauty. Chiloe is famous for its Folklore and Gastronomy.

-Sea Kayaking: The tame waters are protected by the Castro Fjord and Chauques islands. Most of the inhabitants live without motors or electricity, so you’re sea voyaging will be as magical as the crystal blue waters.

-Boat trips: Cruse along the northern and eastern coasts to visit Spanish forts and fishing villages.

-Chiloe National Park: Bird watch and see foxes and pygmy deer in their natural habitat among exotic flower species.

-Church of Castro: Neo-gothic/Classic architecture

-Church of Dalcahue: 9 arch entry

Puerto Natales

Located deep in the south, Puerto Natales is in Patagonia. Come here for the huge granite mountains, clear lakes, and hiking trails.

San Pedro is located in the driest place on earth, the Atacama desert. The land encompasses cultures from the Incas, Atacamenos, and Diaquitas.


Surrounded by rivers and forests, Valdivia is said to be Chile’s most beautiful city. It is culturally enriched with influences from the Spanish conquerors, German settlers, and indigenous peoples. The University brings a lively atmosphere to your visit.

-Haggle with vendors at the Feria Libre market

-Boat down the Calle Calle River

Hotels in Chile La Serena

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Hotels and Lodging in La Serena, Chile

Browse the following hotel listings lodging in beautiful La Serena, Chile.

Hotel Santa Barbara

This hotel has been built and furnished in the style of 19th century countryside stately homes. Its rooms are ample, with color TV with cable and dressing room.
Features pool, laundry, cable TV, tours, parking.

Contact CHIP to make your reservation at Hotel Santa Barbara today.

Hotel Canto del Agua

The Canto del Agua Hotel is ideal for business or pleasure, with standard hotel rooms and apartments with living rooms and kitchenettes for your comfort. The apartments are designed to serve all your needs whether long-term or not.
Features conference room, pool, restaurant, bar, laundry, TV, money exchange, hair salon, solarium, tours. parking.

Contact CHIP to make your reservation at Hotel Canto del Agua today.

Hotel Francisco de Aguirre

A cozy colonial-style hotel with a beautiful swimming pool and spacious rooms. It is located one block from the center of La Serena.
Features conference room, pool, restaurant, bar, cafe, fax service, laundry, parking.

Contact CHIP to make your reservation at Hotel Francisco de Aguirre today.

Hotel Mar Serena

Perfect location for lovers, overlooking the main beach.
Features bar, laundry, cable TV, games room, parking, sauna, room service.

Contact CHIP to make your reservation at Hotel Mar Serena today.

Apart Hotel La Fuente

Fully furnished apartments facing the sea in which to relax and use as a base to enjoy all that La Serena and Coquimbo have to offer. A short distance from the Casino.
Features cafe, laundry, TV, tours, parking, pool.

Contact CHIP to make your reservation at Apart Hotel La Fuente today.

Hotel La Serena Club Resort

Probably the most luxurious hotel in the vicinity, located on the main beach of La Serena and a short ride by taxi to downtown.
Features conference room, restaurant, bar, cafe, laundry, TV, parking, pool.

Contact CHIP to make your reservation at Hotel La Serena Club Resort today.

Hotel Campanario del Mar

Converted bell tower with soothing ocean views and the beach right outside the front door.
Features conference room, restaurant, bar, cafe, fax service, laundry, parking.

Contact CHIP to make your reservation at Hotel Campanario del Mar today.

Hotel Mar de Ensueño

Comfortable and beautiful cottages and rooms which have a fascinating view of the Pacific Ocean, with natural surroundings, near Valle de Elqui (The Elqui Valley) and beaches.
Features areas for riding bicycles, party games, indoor swimming pool for adults and children, green spaces, children’s playground, video games, pool table, table tennis game, beach games.

Contact CHIP to make your reservation at Hotel Mar de Ensueño today.

Make your Hotel Reservations Today

The friendly staff at CHIP are looking forward to hearing from you. Contact CHIP today to book your lodging in the city of Santiago, Chile.

Webs: Informate sobre los metodos anticonceptivos disponibles y alternativas.


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The Chile Information Project: Environmental Report – CHIP/ER

The CHIP-ER site highlights the environmentally sensitive areas of the country and the stresses that economic development have brought to them. The site underscores these problems with an eye to promoting more sustainable and environmentally friendly development – so that growth won’t be short term and future generations will be able to enjoy the truly magnificent beauty to be found here.

Chile’s export-driven economy has made gigantic strides in the past three decades, leading all Latin American nations in overall GDP growth and earning its place as the first South American nation to join in the U.S.-sponsored Free Trade of the Americas agreement.

The country has successfully diversified from its traditional dependence on copper exports (Chile provides about one third of the world’s copper production/exports), and has now become a world leader in non-traditional exports like fresh fruit (the leading S. Hemisphere producer), farmed salmon (it will soon overtake Norway to become the world’s most important producer/exporter), wine and forestry products.

But while Chile’s economic growth has been impressive, it has not committed itself to sustainable development designed to protect its precious natural resources for future generations. Because little or no added value is given to most of the natural resources Chile exports, potential jobs are sacrificed and the country is too dependent on the short term commodity prices. And, quite frankly, the wealth generated by this development is far too skewed towards the economic elites to bode well for long-term, sustained development.

This site was developed with the cooperation of many friends in Chile’s environmental community, but with special thanks to Adriana Hoffmann and Yvette Martinez. We invite the reader’s input and suggestions and look forward to better understanding amongst all the people of the Western Hemisphere.

Steve Anderson

Publisher, CHIP

News and Information

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Chile is a country with a wide variety of media outlets, mostly centered in the capital city of Santiago. The three major Spanish language newspapers are El Mercuro, La Tercera and El Diario Siete. Popular TV stations include Canal 13 and Canal 11.

The Internet, while not as advanced here as it is in North America, Europe and parts of Asia, is quickly gaining strides as a major portal for news, information and interactivity throughout Chile.

The major English Language newspaper in Chile is a partner to CHIP – The Chile Information Project. It is called The Santiago Times, and provides daily news on politics, the environment, human rights and cultural issues facing Chile and Latin America.

Travel and Tours

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Travel and Tours

Escape to Chile’s most breathtaking landscapes. Travel from the glaciers of Tierra del Fuego to the rugged Atacama desert. Enjoy the crashing waves of the Pacific – just an hour from the snow-capped Andes. Your vacation to Chile: you won’t miss a thing.

Hotels in Chile

Luxury lodging – or shoestring savings. No matter what your budget, hotels in Chile provide the cozy comfort you deserve. Enjoy the charming mom ‘n pop hotel, or steep yourself in a sumptuous hot springs spa.

Flights to Chile

Deal yourself a discount and buy the cheapest plane tickets to Chile here! From major airlines to small carriers, look for the best airline prices to Chile and South America.

Chile Car Rental

Hop in and go! The picturesque countryside and well-paved roads of Chile are waiting for you today!

Experience the Extreme

Sports, Adventure and Fun. Discover a full range of travel sports in Chile: Skiing, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, White Water Rafting, Surfing, Sailing, Fly Fishing and many more exciting pursuits!

Tour Chile and Santiago

Discover Chile’s world-famous Wine Country or explore the country’s rich and exciting history. Whether checking out the old sites or wending your way through the stunning landscapes, Chile is packed with amazing things to do and see.